Innovation is all about taking the greatest aspects of our collective legacy and adapting them to a new era with new challenges. Nowhere is that more evident than under the roof of the 500-year old Hofburg Imperial Palace, which hosted Pioneers ‘18, a gathering of the global community of startups, executives and investors that are redefining the boundaries of human and technological interaction.

Each year, the Pioneers select 500 of the most promising startups from around the tech world to participate in a three day event that is packed with conference sessions, masterclasses, pitches and more. With an opening show that feels like a 3D concert or film experience, the conference tackles some of the most important trends disrupting the tech world. Visitors learn about cryptocurrencies, mobility, gaming, longevity and even Artificial Sexual Relationships against the backdrop of stunning visual and interactive technology.

The FoodTech Accelerator team could not miss the opportunity to be part of such a unique event, and our visit was a successful foray into a dynamic startup and investor community. We met more than 20 foodtech startups and had the opportunity to chat with each of them about developing successful business models, products, and expansion strategies to take their ideas to the next level.

Entrepreneurs such as Integro green technologies, who are developing an innovative organic fertilizer  produced from 100% poultry manure in biogas plant, are effectively changing the way that large scale food production can be managed. San Francisco-based GEAenzymes have created MADI™, a new protein and enzyme builder that has the potential to profoundly impact the food industry. The possibilities for a new food system are endless, and the incredible talent assembled at this event is just a first glimpse of what lies ahead.

We are proud to invite the Pioneers ‘18 startup class to apply to Foodfoward, where together with our corporate partners we’re exploring the next frontier of the food value chain!

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