We at the FoodTech Accelerator are ready to take this challenge. That’s why the day has come and our first missions have been accomplished: we unveiled the FoodTech Hub – the place where startups and food community will live in these 15 weeks of acceleration – and we finally presented the 7 international finalists to the public.

As we mentioned in our previous article, more than 300 startups from 41 countries applied – an incredible result per se! We took almost 4 months to shortlist and match-make them with our corporate partners’ needs… but it was worth it!


US, Israel, and Italy – one destination: Milan. Is Milan becoming a truly international hub for food and innovation?

The FoodTech Hub we opened last Tuesday is the place where the FoodTech community will live in the next 15 weeks: a fresh events calendar is going to be published soon – including speech of international experts coming from VCs, innovative corporates, keynotes from food savvy, and many more – while startups, mentors, and corporate partners are continuously improving their projects.

More than 70 people joined the Startup + Mentor match-making session: mentors were asked to select at least 3 startups after carefully listening and investigating their potential mentees in 30 minutes quick 1-to-1 meetings.

Finally, we publicly kicked-off the FoodTech Accelerator: Marco Brunelli (Founder of Finiper) and Francesco Iervolino (Partner at Deloitte Officine Innovazione) warmed up the 230 attendees confirming how the initiative itself is devoted to innovation and how this will benefit all the partners involved; they had the chance to spend a short sentence on the program, the startup selection, and the upcoming months (participants: Gianluca Giovannetti, Chief Innovation and Business Services Officer at Amadori; Giacomo Fanin, Chief Innovation Officer at Cereal Docks; GianMaria Gentile, CIO & Digital Director at Finiper; Stefano Molino, Partner at Innogest; Gabriele Ronchini, CEO & Head of Startups Portfolio at Digital Magics; Emanuele Gallo Perozzi, COO at Seeds&Chips; Alessandro Squeri, Chairman at Federalimentare Giovani; Marco Perrone, Head of Open Innovation & Acceleration at Deloitte Officine Innovazione).

They come from all over the world and are hungry to disrupt the retail and agri-food sectors: let’s skip the small talks – these are the 7 finalists!

  • FeatFood (https://www.featfood.it/) – Coming from Italy, FeatFood is an integrated multichannel operator that produces, sells, and distribute healthy and balanced food to support a diet for a sporty lifestyle. FeatFood products are currently sold online, as well as dedicated channels (ie. fitness centers, gyms).
  • Inspecto – (https://inspecto.io/) – Coming from Israel, Inspecto developed a nanoscale portable device to detect contaminants within commodities. Scanned data are archived on cloud and protected by blockchain.
  • Feedoh – (https://www.feedoh.it/) Coming from Italy, Feedoh produces and sells human-grade food products for pets, using high-quality ingredients and balancing their nutritional properties thanks to a proprietary algorithm.
  • Planetarians (https://www.planetarians.com/) – Coming from the US, Planetarians has a vision that new ingredients can proactively change what we eat. They studied a process to create a low cost, protein-flour extracted from sunflowers seeds.
  • Rise (https://www.riseproducts.co/) – Coming from the US, Rise produces an organic flour for the pastry industry. Their product is nutritious, low cost, and produced by recycling barley seeds.
  • ReOlì (https://reoli.it/) – Coming from Italy, ReOlì produces a spreadable extra-virgin olive oil cream that replaces butter and margarine. Their product is obtained through a patented and innovative production process that enables the oil solidification.
  • Wasteless  (https://www.wasteless.co/) – Coming from Israel, Wasteless uses a scalable AI algorithm to offer a dynamic pricing solution for supermarkets. The algorithm is based on food expiration date thanks to the real-time monitoring of sold items.

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