What is the Food Tech Accelerator?

The FoodTech Accelerator is pilot driven & business oriented international program. It aims to develop industrial projects between forward-thinking startups and leading corporations by matching both the corporate and startup business objectives, fulfilling the technology validation, operational model design and MVP deployment.

How long is the program?

The program is 15 weeks long. It begins at the end of January and ends with a demo day in May. The corporate and startup may continue the pilot after the May date and/or negotiate with the corporate partner future possibilities.

Do I have to give equity or pay any money to the program?

No, there is no equity or need for payment to the program to participate. The corporate partners may want to invest and agree to the terms prior to the program.

Why should I apply?

If you want to work on pilots, understand if your startup is ready and capable to work with an industrial partner, enter a new market or just gain insights and data this is the right program for you. The FoodTech Accelerator is a radical opportunity to push your startup forward with the help of committed corporates that are ready to share their capabilities to drive innovation and experienced mentors to facilitate each project.

Do I need to relocate to Milan?

No, there is no need to relocate for the entire program. We try to be as founder friendly as possible though we do require participation for our launch, demo day and depending on your pilot, for one or more members of your team to attend any meetings/labs/activities in order to ensure the project’s success.

Will you pay my travel expenses?

No, we do not reimburse or pay for any travel expenses.

What does it take to enter the FoodTech Accelerator?

This is not a traditional accelerator. Being a corporate scale up program our partners will decide the solutions they wish to do pilots with; please check the areas of interest to see if your solution matches the needs of the corporate.

We do look for a great, flexible and collaborative team that is motivated and ready to work with an industrial partner.

If I wasn’t able to get in, can I re-apply for the following edition?

Absolutely! We welcome you to do so.

What stage companies do you select?

We like to describe ourselves as a “later stage accelerator or scale up program.” We are equally comfortable working with early stage companies that feel they could benefit from the work with an industrial partner.


I have more questions

If you have more questions please contact us at hello@foodtechaccelerator.it