Milan, 30.01.2020

The 9 international startups 🚀, chosen from more than 600 applications, have finally been announced and will take part in the 15 weeks acceleration program coordinated by Deloitte Officine Innovazione in collaboration with Amadori, Cereal Docks, Birra Peroni and COPROB Italia Zuccheri. The startups will work together with our corporate partners and FTA team to supercharge food innovation! 💥

Discover the next food innovators:

Agritask is an agronomic management platform that enables their clients to manage the entire agronomic operations with one single tool

Cytophage Technologies Inc.
Cytophage Technologies develops synthetic bacteriophage products to prevent and treat bacterial infections that affect animal health

Equinom Ltd
Equinom uses data to produce non-GMO seeds for human consumption with market-transforming characteristics, superior nutritional profiles and improved crop yields

Heallo has patented a process that is able to extract from a natural raw material, a soluble fiber that drastically reduces the effects of carbohydrates

Innovopro creates an innovative high nutritious and functional chickpea protein 70% concentrate, that enables the creation of clean label products

IXON Food Technology
IXON specializes in advanced sous-vide aseptic packaging that can turn perishables (e.g. medium-rare steak), into shelf-stable products

Ktchn Lab
KTCHN LAB is a house of brands that runs delivery-only restaurants that sell exclusively through 3rd party distribution platforms under 20 minutes

Soos Technology
Soos has engineered  a new technology that allows the poultry industry to optimize the production capacity of their hatcheries

Zero Egg
Zero Egg developed a nutritious plant-based egg that tastes, looks and function like the real product and can replace it in all of its uses

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