Berlin is one of the leading startup ecosystem in Europe. Ranked 7th in the  Startup Genome’s 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem report, it gather a community of more than 2.400 tech startups, 11% of them are coming from outside Germany, which show how the ecosystem is attractive for all European startups.

To successfully visit a new ecosystem you need two things: a connected person who can guide you and introduce you to people, and the invitation to a big event. Luckily the FoodTech Accelerator team who went to visit Berlin had both.

Thanks to the amazing support of Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks, CEO & Founder, Bit(Best in Tech)House and mentor of the FoodTech Accelerator program, we had the chance to meet the startup community in Berlin in a dedicated meetup. On July 18th at the office of the Bithouse Group the FoodTech Accelerator team met 10 startup and discussed with them about the accelerator and the benefit that it could bring to startups.

The next day we attended the Metro Accelerator demo day:  9 startups, disrupting the retail sector, showed interesting solutions and products with high tech innovation.

We are sure great things can come from Berlin in terms of food and retail innovation, we are looking forward to welcome them in the FoodTech Accelerator!

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