After a stop along the Mediterranean in Salerno, a visit to Central Europe for Pioneers Vienna and a quick jaunt to experience the emerging foodtech culture in Paris, the FoodTech Accelerator roadshow made its way north, to one of the centers of global food innovation.

The Swedish startup and innovation ecosystem is one of the world’s most well developed, with a healthy flow of capital and a thriving network of investors, research centers, and universities.

As TMW founder Joseph Michael points out in his “Stockholm investor guide”, “What’s so impressive with Stockholm is the number of verticals where you’ll find extremely strong companies. Some tech hubs are characteristically strong in specific areas, like FinTech in London. But in Stockholm you’ll find a lot of activity in many different verticals”. Luckily, food tech is one of the strongest vertical networks in the Nordic region.

Before attending the Sweden Foodtech Big Meet, the annual event organized by Sweden Foodtech, we chatted with Federico Ronca, project manager at Sweden Foodtech. Ronca explained that “Sweden is the ideal place to innovate in the food sector. People are very open to new tastes, and to experimenting with new nutritional solutions. This attitude, combined with a highly developed innovation ecosystem, makes Stockholm a vibrant hub for the foodtech sector”. A few days after that meeting, we took the stage at the Foodtech Big Meet to present FoodTech Accelerator and explore the different opportunities available to develop European foodtech startups.

The event was a huge success, where we had the chance to meet many startups and stakeholders from every part of the innovation ecosystem. We also got to hear stories from an array of different speakers: from startups to investors to chefs, researchers and corporate executives, these complementary points of view and experiences gave a comprehensive picture of a rapidly expanding universe. Of course, every foodtech event is an opportunity to taste new and exciting foods, and this one did not disappoint. There were insect based snacks, food conceived for astronauts, superfoods, as well as fascinating recipes prepared by refugees. The Foodtech Big Meet was a chance to meet the people behind the technology.

Sweden Foodtech also launched Foodtech Village, a hub dedicated to the foodtech community. The Village is an open space for the entire foodtech ecosystem whose mission is to help support innovation and continue to promote growth. As Johan Jörgensen, founder of Sweden Foodtech states, “entrepreneurship will drive transformation”. With experimental restaurants, labs, urban farming and open innovation initiatives, the Village is a brilliant example of the evolution of the foodtech community.

Jörgensen also states that the Nordic countries “have a unique opportunity to take a global lead in the next gen food system”. FoodTech Accelerator shares this belief and is working to bring the Nordic ecosystem into even closer collaboration with other European hubs to find disruptive solutions for the global food chain.

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Written by Seeds&Chips

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